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We’ve opened Bridges Food Bar in 2016 at the crossroad of Corvin quarter and Üllői street. In addition to hamburger and hot dog, we’ve some foods on the menu like Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich and Bridges Fried Chicken which is associated to us throughout Budapest. We always change our menu with the seasons; we have a wide selection from the fresh sea fish to the aged beef, so we can be sure that you’ll feel the professional knowledge and the love that we show towards our guests. Every day we fulfil what we promised at the start – we offer fresh, locally made meals and drinks prepared from the best ingredients from breakfast to dinner in choosy, loose environment. Because as our chef, Gyuri states: food should be as fine as your Mother’s milk.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday

Daily menu

Between 11:30 AM and 02:30 PM or while stocks last.


Cream of garlic soup with bacon-vegetable balls
1. Mustard – mushroom pork ragout with potato gratin
2. Tuna spaghetti with capers


Consommeé with chestnut chicken fritters
1. Beef in cream sauce with bread dumplings
2. Tomato tagliatelle with fried aubergine


Soup of pork ragout with dumplings
1. Fried chicken leg fillet with green peas rice
2. Marjoram potato pottage with home made grill sausage


Lentil goulash
1. Fish&Chips with yoghurt mayonnaise
2. Meat tortelloni in butter sauce


Potato soup with sausages
1. Pork roast wirh green pepper sauce and homemade gnocchi
2. Grilled pepper risotto with feta

Dessert: Apricot curd cheese cake


Thank you for considering our restaurant to host you. If you have any questions or further requests, please reach out to us via phone or email.

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We’re more colorful than ever!

We’re more colorful than ever. After a long persuasion maybe the best wall paint artist of the capital undertook and accomplished the job.


Some of the foods our chef has dreamed of.
And fortunately Gyuri is a person who realizes his dreams.

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